The World Cup fever is on and how! We’ve reached the final stage where arch-rivals Australia and New Zealand will take on one another. Unfortunately, India’s campaign came to a close as a result of some valiant bowling from the Aussies.

However, there is one thing that Indians still own- the logo. The logo for the tournament is inspired from that of Batsman Extraordinaire – Sachin Tendulkar’s flick off his pads. Let’s take a stroll down the memory lane as to how the logos have evolved over the years:

Benson & Hedges Cricket World Cup 1992 (Australia & New Zealand)


Wills Cricket World Cup 1996 (India, Sri Lanka & Pakistan)


ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 (England)


ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 (South Africa)

Newland Cricket Ground

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 (West Indies)


ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (India & Bangladesh)


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (Australia & New Zealand)


We wonder what World Cup 2019 being held at England would look like…