Neither Virat Kohli nor Ravi Shastri are known to keep things subtle with words. Though both have improved lately. 

Anyway, here it wasn’t really their fault. In a recent press conference before the World Championship final, the coach and the captain were heard discussing a plan in a clear manner, not knowing that their voice was being recorded.

In a very clear manner. In the clip, Virat says:

Hum inko round the wicket dalwayenge, left-handers hai inpe, Lala, Siraj sabko start se hi laga denge.

Great plan but now the Kiwis know about it because the clip is out. 

In the same press conference, Shastri said that going forward it would be a good idea to have a 3-match series to decide the winner of the final.

I think ideally, in the long run, if they want to pursue this Test championship, a best of three final would be ideal. A three-match series as a culmination of two and a half years of cricket.

For now, there will be one final and it will start on June 18. Hope the captain has some new strategy in place.