Yogeshwar Dutt was one of India’s biggest medal hopes at the Olympics. Unluckily, though, he lost out in the qualification round. Not that he didn’t give it his all, but sports is harsh sometimes. A single mistake ends up costing you a lot.

Just like when he is on the wrestling mat, Yogeshwar Dutt is known to give it his all when he is on social media as well. Earlier this year, when Salman Khan was appointed India’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Olympic Games, Dutt didn’t hold back in criticising the decision and tweeted what was on his mind. 

After he was eliminated from the Olympics, Salman Khan fans took that as an opportunity to get back at Yogeshwar, and some really stupid tweets followed. 

But in order to get back at the trolls, Yogeshwar himself recorded a video on Facebook. In the video, he says he doesn’t care what the naysayers and ‘fans of some ambassador’ have to say. He says that he is disappointed and apologises to fans and well-wishers for his poor performance, but says he’ll continue training hard, and that he’ll continue speaking his mind. 

Great going Yogeshwar! This was a knockout like no other. We hope to see you get back in action and winning medals for India soon again.