The last few months have not been good for sports, as is the case with everything else. 

There was no live game for months, before athletes could return to the field. And when they did, it happened under the shadow of global injustices.

That is what the new Nike ad, voiced by the US football legend Megan Rapinoe, all about. 

The beautifully edited montage, made after days of researching 4,000 pieces of footage, stitches together a story, that says no matter what happens, the sport will return. Stronger than before. 

Which is why it is aptly called ‘You Can’t Stop Us’.

The ad starts with Megan’s voice over:

We are never alone, and that is our strength. Because when we are doubted, we’ll play as one. When we’re held back, we’ll go farther and harder. If we’re not taken seriously, we’ll prove that wrong. And if we don’t fit the sport, we’ll change the sport.

And then come these goosebump inducing lines:

We know things won’t always go our way, but whatever happens, we’ll find our way. And when things aren’t fair, we’ll come together for change. 

In case there is any doubt, the ad brings you to tears within seconds. I can vouch for it. The last few months have been an emotional ride and the absence of sports has not helped. Which makes one think about its return. What is welcome in the ‘new normal’, what shouldn’t be. 

Safe to say, Twitter shares the sentiment. 

The ad ends with the line, “Nothing can stop what we can do together”. You can watch it here: