Hundreds of students from SRM University in Chennai's Kattankulathur area, came down for a protest after it was reported that a staff worker allegedly masturbated in front of a girl in the hostel lift on 22nd of November, Thursday around 3 PM. Following the incident, the protests occurred the same night with students collecting to stage a demonstration. 

Ever since, the internet has been filled with images and tweets from the area - shared by students who were part of the protests and those who were witness to the same.  

Following the uproar, the accused cleaning staff member is said to have fled from the campus with authorities having stated that they are on the look out for the person. 

The university spokesperson told India Today that authorities are taking steps to make sure that the culprit is punished and that such an incident doesn't happen again. 

However, if Twitter accounts from students are to be believed, there might be another side to the story as the students have expressed dissent over the manner in which the issue is apparently being handled.

According to reports, a student said that that the hostel warden had apparently 'delayed access to CCTV footage' and registering of complaint by nearly two hours. 

While another student was quoted as saying:

"The employee was identified by the student in the CCTV footage. However she was asked to stay mum about the incident by the authorities."

In a tweet, one student has also mentioned that, when inquired about the issue, the hostel warden apparently said that the incident happened because it was a 'North Indian studying in South Indian college' and that girls who 'smoke and drink inside the hostel, can't be arguing regarding their own safety'. 

Here other tweets from the same student, detailing the matter.

According to the reports from India Today, SRM University Vice-Chancellor Sandeep Sancheti has apparently denied all allegations of inaction and has assured that the complaint will be looked into. 

According to the same report, he is said to have told PTI:

"Students are discussing with us. Whatever the matter is, it will be taken care of. If there is a matter, it will be inquired."

Reports also suggest that the police came to the spot where the protest was taking place and dispersed the crowd.  

The incident has sparked quite a storm on the internet with people from all around the country weighing in. Needless to say, the events have not gone down to well with the students. 

We have reached out to the university members, as well as a few students for an update on the incident and shall be updating this article as and when we have more information on the same.