They say cannabis opens up your mind and lets the creative juices flow. This doesn't just mean it helps a musician create a tune or a painter put down a masterpiece. It pretty much applies to every aspect of life, and leads to some smokin' (and ridiculously creative) results.


1. Time to play some kaddu trance!

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2. Stoners are the baap of jugaad! #Xbox420

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3. Need a Valentine's Day gift for your lover? Cannabis and cocoa, no problemo. 

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4. Marijuana itni chocolatey kyun hai?

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5. A majestic looking pipe fit for a wizard, made from seashells and shoelaces!

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6. A pipe made from an asthma inhaler? I'm done!

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7. It doesn't matter if you're an agriculturalist or an astronaut, always hide your stash!

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8. This coffee mug redefines the term 'wake and bake'.

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9. A beer-cum-weed bong for when you wanna go straight to a blackout

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10. Weed hidden in limes for that secret citrus flavour.

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11. A banana pipe for when you're low on energy but high on motivation.

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12. This absolute legend and his AK-420 rifle

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13. A helicopter blunt that'll make you go fuckfuckfuckfuck.

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14. 'Cos ships like to get high too!

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15. A Star Wars TIE fighter (or should I say 'High' fighter) blunt. 'Shoot' for the stars y'all!

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16. This ganja was hidden in a bigass bag of chillies. Witnesses say it was smokin' hot.

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17. Hiding your joint is just a call away.

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18. That's what you call a balanced diet.

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19. The only possible use for your copy of Mein Kampf.

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Freakin' modern day genius, this is!