Stray dogs in India have become the target of human atrocities every now and then. Most of them are left to die on streets. It's high time that we find a permanent solution to this. 

Case in point, Cuba where stray dogs own official IDs to be worn around their collars.

Source: OnCuba

It all started when the state government initiated a campaign and each of the public institutions in Cuba were asked to adopt stray dogs. 

These dogs are then given IDs containing information about the animal — its photo, nickname, living place, medical information, and specifics about their character.

For example, this is Vladimir.

Source: Twitter

This is Nina.

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Or, “My name is Aparicio. I am sterilized and I live in the Goldsmith Museum. Don’t pay attention to me.” If a dog likes attention, then you will see another sign saying, “Pet my back” or similar other options.

It was a step taken to provide home to these homeless animals who would otherwise fall prey to humans' wrath. 

The stray dogs in Cuba find shelter in places ranging from public restrooms to museums.

They eat the food provided by the adopting institutions and are also given proper medical care. Dozens of restaurants in Cuba also donate leftover food to these animals.

Source: CSMonitor

This special recognition is given to the stray dogs in Cuba to save them from the dogcatchers. It’s forbidden to catch these animals and they become mascots of the places where they live.

The fact that these animals remain fit & healthy is a testimony to the success of this program. Wouldn't it be nice if we have a similar kind of initiative in India too?

It can be the much needed step towards maintaining the well-being of our own stray dogs.

Source: Twitter

Immamuel Kant once said, "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." It's up to us to decide what kind of humans we are.