1. Washing your face with a menthol face wash helps get rid of sleep and fatigue.

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2. It is easier to remember things when reading out loud.

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3. Drinking a lot of water hydrates brain cells, helping information flow more freely.

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4. Changing your sitting position often while studying helps avoid back and neck pain.

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5. Music in mild volume helps relieve stress when you're exhausted. 

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6. Avoiding studying while lying on a bed helps prevent sleep. 

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7. Applying Vaseline over your eyelids helps in feeling less drowsy.

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8. Studying in a room with warm temperature keeps you more productive and happy.

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9. Eating chocolate helps in a short span of time. 

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10. It's easier to concentrate when reading from a hard-bound book than its digital version. 

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11. Studying with a friend boosts your confidence. 

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12. Marking book pages using colorful pens helps remember important things.

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13. Flowcharts are easier to memorize as you can easily visualize them afterwards.

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14. Chewing gum boosts your brain, helping recall information.

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15. Rewriting notes helps in learning them faster. 

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16. Times New Roman is the easiest font to read from a computer. 

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