1. I will wake up on time tomorrow.

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2. It's time to start working out!

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3. I will sleep on time tonight without watching Netflix.

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4. I will be super-productive at work tomorrow.

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5. I will definitely take out some time to meditate.

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6. No more snoozing the alarm from tomorrow morning.

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7. I will reach work before time and impress my boss.

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8. I will make a good, healthy breakfast for myself.

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9. I won't waste too much on Instagram.

10. I'll finally start reading that book!

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11. I will not cross any red light on the road.

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12. I will stop texting my ex from tomorrow.

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13. I will try and talk to someone new every day.

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14. It's time to start eating healthy. No more bingeing on junk food!

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15. 8-10 glasses of water in a day. How hard can it be?

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16. I will quit smoking! 

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If you have more such lies, let us know in the comments section below.