Everyone knows the horror of a headache - it has a way of attacking us and almost suddenly. No matter how happy or high you are, a headache can disarm you and rob you off all the happiness in the world. After a headache beats the bejesus out of you, popping in a pill or two seems like the ONLY solution to deal with it even if all of us know it is not a very healthy thing to do.

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Turns out, a traditional (folk) medicine, that has been used for centuries, can cure a headache effectively and instantly. (Such magical words!)

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So what is this medicine that (A) is made of basic kitchen ingredients, (B) has no side-effects, (C) is easy to make even if you have a headache, and, (D) THE best cure ever?

Just Salt + Water + Lemon. That's it.

Salt can cure headaches. Apart from making food taste better, it increases the level of serotonin in the blood, strengthens the nervous system and normalizes acid-alkaline balance in the body.

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1. Choose a high-quality salt. It is recommended to use Himalayan crystal salt as it is enriched with minerals.

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2. Squeeze lemon into a glass and mix two tablespoons of salt in it.

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3. Pour it into a bigger glass and add water.

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4. Stir it and drink the whole glass at one go.

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Well then, let us know how well this traditional goodness worked for you!

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