Sushmita Sen has to be, by far, the classiest woman in Bollywood. She's suave, stylish and classy AF.

She walked the ramp at the Lotus Make-Up Fashion Week as a showstopper for fashion designers Bhumika and Jyoti for which the theme was 'Limoncello'.

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And basically, took our breath away. Literally. *Gasps*

FFS, look at this mesmerising goddess!

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That smile just oozes confidence.

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Owning the ramp like a Queen since '94!

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Hold me spellbound, My Lady!

You deserve a bow!

Grace, poise and sophistication. Is there anything this woman isn't capable of?

Magical is the word for this epitome of beauty and confidence.

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Everyone was left completely dazzled by her presence.

If this didn't skip enough heartbeats, here' a video of her walking down the ramp.

Pure goddess!