When you are part of any civilised society, you know that swearing is something that you just don't do. Not only will you be frowned upon, but also be regarded as an uncouth man with an arse for a tongue. I mean, my mom once caught me saying 'fuck', and hammered me till I actually felt sorry for saying so. 

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Lol JK. I never actually felt sorry. I mean, even if we can't ask people around us to fuck off with regularity, we can surely do it when we are alone and life has screwed us over one more time. 

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Well, if that little whisper of 'fuck' offends the conscience of those around you, do not feel ashamed. Kyunki woh jo banda hai, woh gandu hai bohot bada.

Apparently, swearing isn't that bad! A study conducted by Keele University in 2009 involved students plunging their hand in ice-cold water. It was observed that students who swore during the experiment were able to hold on longer and felt less pain. 

If there was ever a good time to use this, this is it.

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One of the plausible reasons for the same was that swearing triggered their fight or flight response, releasing a adrenaline, making the pain more bearable. See, it ain't half bad. Surely, one could point out the choice of words used is often sexist and misogynistic but that is something subjective to change. Besides, swearing in your mother tongue is the best thing there is.

And you might have missed it, but it's a great ice-breaker. What is the first thing you ask someone who speaks a language completely alien to you? You ask them how to swear in his tongue! Swearing among your friends is also an indication of how strong your bond is.

These guys later became friends for life!

And sometimes, cussing is the best way to explain a situation!

BTW, even other primates such as chimps swear with gay abandon. Oh, and hey, you can be damn creative with your cuss words as well. I mean, as long as you are not being homophobic, racist or on the same lines, you are doing just fine.