You can love her or hate her, but Taylor Swift has that way of making you feel something - like the popular girls do. But Tay-Tay's specialty however, is to show the middle finger to them boys while being vulnerable and exuding girl power. How does she do it!? 

It's the ear-worm that you catch yourself singing involuntarily while you're doing laundry, or the song to lose your shit to at karaoke, or if you're sixteen and she helps you feel particularly empowered. She helped thousands deal with the pain post break up, she was the voice that crooned in the background as you tried to numb the pain with buckets of ice-cream. 

So, here's 20 times Taylor aptly put your feelings in words and turn them into melodies.

We've cried with her, we've laughed with her, and in this journey we've grown with her. A bow to the girl who takes us on emotional roller-coaster rides through a few minutes of her music.