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Can’t believe I spent fifteen minutes looking for my phone. Using the flashlight on it! *Facepalms*

Yes, that’s how obsessed I am with my phone. I never keep it down. It’s the last thing I see at night, and the first thing I wake up to every morning! No wait — I’m totally in a relationship with my phone!

This is easily the most precious bond in my life right now. And here are 10 reasons to prove it. 

1. It always gives honest answers to my questions 

No filters. Only the truth. And wi-fi ofcourse. 

2. Keeps me connected to the world and is never jealous 

And we don’t even wear pink on Wednesdays! 

3. It’s there for me till its last breath, until I put it on charging

Except that my new Samsung Galaxy M31 never dies with its powerful 6000 mAH battery. The phone also comes with a 15W fast charging feature, so I never have to worry about missing my phone while it’s charging.

4. I can put it on silent mode anytime and it never minds

We like to give each other space. And don’t talk about it later. 

5. It never judges me for clicking too many selfies 

Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? And with my Samsung Galaxy M31’s versatile 64MP Quad camera, I can pull a zero-budget photoshoot everyday. Wohooo!

6. Always keeps me entertained 

And sometimes also the five aunties looking into my phone in the metro.

7. Brings me hot gossip and keeps me updated on everything with social media 

Most importantly, helps me stalk my crush without being judgemental. 

8. It gives better advice than my friends

Anytime. Anyplace. It’s my cheapest therapist. 

9. Lets me know how beautiful I look with its front camera 

Listen guys, the Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 32MP front camera. So you can literally forget mirrors when you’re carrying your phone. 

 10. I can never get lost with my phone… err:Google Maps!

*Waits for GPS*

Any time spent with my smartphone is a time well spent. And when it’s a complete package of the best features available at a modest price, I can never complain. Just like the Samsung Galaxy M31 which has turned out to be my best purchase in recent times. 

The phone comes with a 6.39 inches Infinity-U Display for immersive viewing and a 6,000mAh battery with 15W Fast Charging. It has a versatile 64MP Quad camera, which includes a high-resolution f/1.8 Samsung GW1 primary sensor, an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens, a 5MP depth camera and a 5MP macro lens.

The phone also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for screen protection and is powered by Samsung’s own 10nm based octa-core Exynos 9611. And in addition to these, it also has an increased RAM capacity which makes multitasking so much easier. And all this, available at a price of just ₹16,499 for 6/64 gb, ₹17,499 for 6/128 gb and ₹19,499 for 8/128 gb. Wow!!

So hurry and get your Samsung Galaxy M31 now!