Making the internet a viable tool in everyone’s daily life is something that has been made possible because of people like Bill Gates, among others. 

But the same genius, in a video that resurfaced online, was struggling to convince David Letterman about the technology being any better than a tape recorder or a magazine. 


The clip, which shows Letterman asking Gates about the internet’s usefulness, provides an insight on how the Microsoft founder overcame resistance to the concept long before it became an integral part of our daily lives. 

It also shows how dedicated he was back in 1995, when the magic had barely started in the field of technology. 

The session begins with Letterman wanting to know what the internet is. 

Letterman, who wasn’t really impressed, then went on to make some comparisons.

The next question from Gates, about the internet having extended information available, also failed to impress the interviewer. 

Letterman believed it was unproductive to look for cigars and automobiles on the internet when magazines could do that. 


Letterman, who was exhausted by the Gates’ wit and unnerved body language, finally asked if the internet could help him better.

And that’s how the conversation went. 

You can watch the video here. 

The clip was viral on Twitter and netizens were quick to react. 

Certainly we’ve come a long way since this interview. The internet is today the biggest innovation of mankind.