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Breaking up with someone is the hardest thing to do. You constantly go through the on and off phase. You agree, right? But, in some situations, a breakup is the last resort…and that’s exactly how I feel about my phone right now! And, if you can relate to me, then look out for these 5 signs before you actually say goodbye to your phone.        

1. Your phone takes forever to charge.   

When you’ve plugged in your phone for many hours but, it still shows ‘low battery’ while you’re heading out, it’s time to break up with it because #YouDeserveBetter! I mean, if your phone can’t stay charged for long, how will you be able to click pictures, watch series or do anything fun with it?    

2. Your phone can’t capture what your eyes can see.

When you’re looking at a mesmerising view and you want to capture it right away but, your phone doesn’t allow you to take such a wide angle view. That is the moment when you should move on because #YouDeserveBetter. After all, your phone is supposed to capture the things you see around you and save them for posterity.      

3. Your phone’s vision gets blurry at night.

When you’re gazing at a starry sky and badly want to share it with your friends but, your phone can’t capture it because it has night blindness! That’s when you should know that it’s time to walk away from your phone because #YouDeserveBetter. I mean, what’s the point of a good camera when it can’t capture the captivating night sky?        

4. Your phone refuses to give you a deeper insight into things. 

When you want to look into the minute details of life but you get a hazy vision, just like your phone, it’s time to move on. And moving on always means something new, so dump that hazy lens wala phone and get yourself a new one because #YouDeserveBetter!              

5. Your phone stops complimenting you.

When you’re looking stunning but, your phone won’t let you take awesome selfies with it, you should break up with your phone because SERIOUSLY #YouDeserveBetter. I mean, what’s the point of having a front camera if you can’t get a good selfie, right?  

If you’re still reading this, it means that you clearly don’t want to be with your phone and just wanted someone to validate your decision. Well, I would suggest you go forth and free yourself from this toxic relationship. And, guess what? I’ve already found a new date for you!           

The new HONOR 20i will be available on Flipkart from 18th of June, which will solve all your woes! This smartphone is equipped with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage and is priced at Rs. 14,999! You can also avail the no-cost EMI payment option, which starts at just Rs. 2,500 per month. Plus, buyers can also get an additional 10% discount if they purchase the phone using Axis Bank credit or debit cards! Can you believe that?   

And BTW, you know what? HONOR has come up with ‘Love it or Return it Challenge’, where it will offer up to 90% Buy Back Guarantee in 90 days on HONOR 20! (T&C apply) So, what are you waiting for? Dump your existing phone and get yourself the all-new HONOR 20, which will be available on Flipkart from 25th June.