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Gaming needs focus, stability, skill, and patience. When you put that from your end, the only thing you need is a system that supports you. A gamer’s PC is like their best buddy. They help you get the big wins and are there on your bad days. If you’ve spent enough time on your PC, you know nothing comes close to making you feel as powerful as it does.

So let’s dive into 5 such things that makes a gamer feel super-powerful:

1. The processor is the heart

Your speed depends on how powerful your processor is. It’s not only the heart but also the brain of your system. An upgraded processor helps you finish tasks seamlessly, without any hiccups. It is primarily responsible for interpreting and responding to commands. Intel’s new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series Laptop Processors with new overclocking features lets overclockers of all levels dial-up their performance. 

2. Your peripherals are like your sword

We feel nothing less than a warrior while firing explosives and finishing missions with our mouse and keyboard in hand. There are plenty of gaming mouse options (wired and non-wired) available in the market which come with backlight options and adjustable DPI settings. While a keyboard with a comfortable switch tactile feel, backlight with LED modes with adjustable levels of brightness is an absolute dream for every gamer.

3. A monitor that immerses you in the game

When you’re gaming, you want to feel like you’re a part of that world. So what if you’re lying on your bean bag on a Saturday afternoon in your living room? A good monitor is the difference between a surreal gaming experience and a snoozy killing of time. Monitors with high refresh rates of 120 Hz to 360 Hz are well-suited for gaming.

4. Good surround sound keeps you on your feet

You want to hear where your enemy is approaching from and where your teammates are calling you from. Where system speakers are just fine, headphones elevate the gaming experience tenfold. The more you hear, the more you know! A headset that provides the best sound isolation and noise reduction is the one you should go for.

5. The RAM is practically your muscle power

If you have a fast processor and a 16 to 32 GB RAM to complement it with, you hold the potential to crush your opponents to the ground! The faster is your RAM, the faster is the memory transfer through your components. An efficient and a rather harmonious gameplay experience gratifies the heart to its content. After all, gaming is more about the experience than winning!

When you’re gaming, it’s nothing but you and your PC. It’s your arena, your safe space. And honestly, that’s more than enough to make you feel invincible. Top it with practice and you’re gonna be the last man standing. 

Your system, however, does need a regular upgrade. So, this Christmas give your PC a little treat with the Intel® Core™ laptop processors with Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics that will enhance your gaming experience as you leave the battlefield victoriously.