In association with Cromā

Back to Campus season is finally here and we’re high-key hyped for it. College canteens are back to being THE destination for both ‘cramming from books’ and ‘spilling the tea’ sessions. The ‘gram will now exclusively contain memories of our college fam, and all vibes will be main character energy only. But, but, but… before we step into the campus, we have to check our gear. And that’s where Cromā’s ‘Back To Campus’ campaign comes in!

No cap, Cromā has got you covered for all your needs, and here are 6 offers you NEED to check out. 

1. Laptops, Laptops, and MORE Laptops! 

Now if you don’t want your last-minute hustle to finish an assignment to go to waste, you NEED a good laptop! There is no need to worry though, because unlike a dead laptop, Cromā has got you with their incredible offers on 350+ laptops.

2. Out with the ‘Old’ and in with your ‘New’ smartphone! 

Your phone is the most important gadget you own. You spend more time with it than you do with your Bae or your BFF. So, buying one that we don’t feel like breaking up with mid-year, is a MUST. 

3. Tablets that will save the day! 

Even though it is #3 on this list, a new tablet is the #1 thing most of us stress about while heading into a college year. Relax, hum hai na, just click here and find the best one for you! 

4. Gamers Assemble! 

Gather your clan because, really, what is college life without yelling at your BFF for missing a pass or a kill, while you’ve been on a 6-hour gaming sesh? Cromā has something for all the gamers in us too! 

5. Headphones that will make every song a Bop! 

Listening to your favourite song while pretending to listen to others just got easier! With offers of up to 65% off on earphones & headphones, we are definitely listening to what Cromā has to say! 

6. Play and win more discounts with Super Rush! 

We’ve reserved the best for the last. If you head over to Cromā’s website you can play their game Super Rush which we found to be “Super Fun”, and win tickets to Croma Sunburn and Cromā vouchers EVERY DAY! 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Cromā and get ‘Back To Campus’ all geared up. NOW!