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The smartphone has become an integral part of our day to day lives bridging the gap between us and the world outside, especially during these times of working from home and social distancing! However, no matter how fabulous this little device is, the duty to use it responsibly will always lie with the user. 

The mindless use of technology has steadily become a cause of concern. Recently in a study conducted by vivo revealed that an average Indian spends around 7 hours on their phone, a nearly 40% increase from pre-COVID times. That’s why, with the second edition of their #SwitchOff campaign vivo aims to address this by educating users about the impact of meaningless use of technology and the effects it has on human behaviour and relations.

Further, the study brought to light several new revelations for us. We narrowed down 6 ways our smartphones affect us unknowingly based on vivo’s survey – “Smartphones and their Impact on Human Relationships” 

1. Contributes to constant FOMO.

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This study reveals that 73% of people suffer from this constant urge to check their phones. FOMO is real. There’s no one who can proudly state that they’ve never looked at a life online (no matter how exaggerated and embellished it is) and wished to have it! We’ve all had times when we’re scrolling on social media and the FOMO of not being someplace or with some people, hit us real bad. *sigh*  

2. They contribute to sleep issues.

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Research has found that using your smartphone before bed can make it harder to fall asleep due to the blue light it emits. Our sleep is also affected in other ways such as engaging with negativity or upsetting news or information on the internet that directly affects ones psyche. 

3. Not using your phone alters your mood. 


It is found that 74% of people tend to become moody and irritable when they are not using their phones. Now looking back at all the times I’m forced to abstain from my phone because it’s charging or something else has come up, there was a tinge of irritation there!

4. The guilt trip. 

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68% feel a sense of guilt when they’re aware of meaninglessly using their phones but cannot stop. This not only aids in affecting relationship dynamics between you and your loved ones, but also ends up making one feel somewhat unproductive at the end of the day.

5. Mental health and self-esteem are affected.

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The study also reveals that 70% people’s mental and physical health is affected at the current average usage of smartphones. There’s no doubt that living in a competitive world leads to a ton of pressure. And that pressure is doubled on social media where likes and followers become important. Obsessively checking your phone the minute it pings or constantly refreshing your Instagram page after posting a picture, are some of the examples that represent the harsh effects of smartphones on our mental health and esteem.

6. Happiness might just be a switch off away. 

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73% of people are known to be happier when they’re away from their phones! Maybe it’s time to actually practice that 2-3 hour phone detox routine. How hard could it be? As difficult this year has been, it has taught us valuable lessons along the way. The importance of friends and family and the need to pause and spend more time with them away from technology being one of them.

With #SwitchOff vivo wants to encourage smartphone users to temporarily switch off their phones and spend quality time with friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? #SwitchOff already.