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Selfies! The one art form that has come to define our generation. And it is an art form. When executed perfectly, it can be one of the marvels of happy photo making. 

We are so in love with selfies, in fact, that a recent report shows that more people care about the front camera quality of a phone rather than the rear camera quality when deciding on what phone to buy! But how many of us actually know how to take a great selfie? If you want to learn, taking a good selfie might not be too hard. Here are some simple tips to get you started.  

1. Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. 

Lighting is everything, guys! Make sure that you’re in a place that is well lit, and that your face too is evenly lit. And there is no better source of light for that selfie than natural light. So you should head to your balcony, or next to that window to get that lovely glow on your face. 

2. Choose your angles carefully. 

The general advice for selfies is to click from up top and keep your chin down. This can lead to some over-dramatic selfies. I’d modify it to say “keep your camera above your chin.” Because come on, nobody wants to see your double chin.

3. Be mindful of what’s in your background. 

You might be looking fab, but there might be a banana peel rotting in a corner of your frame. Just like washing behind your ears — it may not be fun, but just make sure it’s clean. If you’re bored of clean frames, you can try taking your selfie against an interesting background. You can even add things in your frame for comic effect. 

4. Be natural. 

Just have fun with it. Be natural. Don’t get pressured into trying the latest trend of selfie if you’re not comfortable. A real natural smile goes a long way in making you look happy, joyful and pretty. Add a little sass to your selfie by playing some music in the background to suit the mood! Kendrick Lamar works really well! 

5. Find out what works for you.

Like with anything else, make sure that you keep taking more selfies. It might not seem like a worthy enough pursuit for you to spend actual time from your day practicing selfies. But you will only find out what works for you the more selfies you take. What angle is good for you? What distance from the face? Do you like smiling or frowning in the photos? Make a mental note of all these things. 

6. Choose the right phone.

If you’re going to do something, you need the perfect equipment for it! And if you’re taking the perfect selfie, make sure that you have a nice phone. The new vivo V19, for example, which comes with a dual front camera (a 32MP main camera and an 8MP super-wide angle camera) for the perfect selfie! It also comes with many features like Super Night Selfie and Aura Screen Light which give you the perfect selfie even in low light conditions like that night out with your friends. It can also capture the perfect group selfie using the Super Wide Angle, so no need to worry about mistakenly cropping anyone. To make the experience even better, the phone comes with amazing camera features like Pose Master, Art Portrait video and Shot Refocus packed in a stellar Dual i-view Display and stunning design. 

If listening to all of this talk makes you want to buy one ASAP, then don’t worry. Because vivo has recently launched vivo Smart Retail, a model that lets you order a phone by simply sending an SMS to 8955771110.

So there you have it. The art of the selfie. And remember, if you are looking for the perfect selfie companion, check out the vivo V19. It has all the kit and more to help you ace your Insta game! vivo recently also released a new Make In India logo, which they got from their customers via a contest. The winning entry is now going to come with all vivo phone boxes, even the V19. Check it out!

Happy Selfies!