Working with an over-heated (ergo slow) laptop isn’t easy and it can get the best of us. So we’ve got a couple of tips and tricks you can try to get your laptop to stop being so over-dramatic and to just calm TF down!

1. Get a laptop cooler 

If you can buy a laptop cooler, then by all means, please do. This gadget is pretty darn useful; all you’ve to do is place it below your laptop and let the cooling fans do its thing. 


2. Avoid running heavy programs 

Running heavy programs definitely puts a load on your laptop’s hardware and therefore causes it to over-heat. So, try to always keep a check on how many programs you are running at once. Especially, how many heavy programs you are running at the same time.  

3. Clean out the dust bunnies 

If you can, then once in a while try to unscrew your laptop and clean out any dust trapped in its hardware. You can learn how to do this here

4. Control internal fan speeds

Laptops generally have internal fans that work to keep them from over-heating. Although it may seem like having the internal fans work at a faster speed will keep the hardware cool, it will only heat up the machine further. So it is better to have them work at a slower speed. There are apps that you can download to control your laptop fans’ speed, definitely look into doing this. 

5. Keep a pedestal fan near your laptop

Try and provide your laptop a cool atmosphere, in general. Make sure you have the air conditioning on or have a pedestal fan near your laptop. 

6. Give it some rest 

Switch off your laptop after you’re done working on it. Give it a break, don’t just leave it on standby mode. And maybe even try spending fewer hours on it, only use it for essential work. 

7. Avoid working on beds and fabrics 

Any surface with a fabric, whether that is a carpet or a bed, will suffocate the laptop, and make it harder for it release its heat. So, try to keep your laptop elevated, or on a surface that will help with the ventilation. 


Wow, who thought laptops could take almost the same amount of maintenance as cars do?