“It’s so humid, turn the AC to 16!” 

We say this all the time. That’s until we get the electricity bill at the end of the month. But what to do? The weather is so demonic and it’s so frigging hot all the time that we can’t do without the AC, right? 

So how do we keep the AC on and avoid such high bills? Well, we were browsing through Quora and we found an interesting yet simple AC hack. 

First and foremost, we need to bust the myth about turning the AC temperature down to 16 degrees…




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The human body is comfortable at 23-24 degrees. So keeping the AC temperature at 23-24 will keep the room cool enough.

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You can also stop the AC from continuously switching on and off by setting the temperature to between 25-27 degrees… 


That’s because every time the AC compressor switches on again, there’s a spike in electricity consumption and you want to avoid that.

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So now you know… Turn that AC temperature to 23, and keep chill and save electricity.