First, Rahul Yadav exited in a blaze of glory. Then, he announced a venture that the Bansals, of Flipkart founding fame, invested in. Suddenly, Yuvraj Singh was on board as well: 

But then, out of the blue, came the announcement that his newest project, Intelligent Interfaces, wasn’t working out. 

The announcement, like the many of his before it, appeared on Yadav’s Facebook wall with a question for his audience: 

Then came this Inc42 piece which said that the Housing CEO had burned through a considerable amount of the funds he raised by spending it on a trip to the US. 

It also said he was going slow on the Intelligent Interfaces project because he’s getting married and has three other projects in the pipeline with one of YouWeCan’s partners. One of projects, is reportedly linked to real estate, which might explain the earlier post from Yadav. 

So Yadav responded in what is perhaps now typical style: 

And then refuted the claims that he had burnt through his funds: 

Now Rahul Yadav’s put up a status message saying he’s contemplating giving it all up to do a ‘simple job’ and as always he seems to be open to suggestions from those on Facebook: 

Just one day to go and we’ll know the man’s decision. But like everything else he’s done before, it’s bound to be a dramatic Facebook status update. Watch this space.

Featured Image: Rahul Yadav’s Facebook Page