In association with Amazon

Let’s be honest, brands put in more efforts to know you better and make you feel at home than any right swipe nowadays! *input sad lo-fi*

Speaking about brands, where’d you get that amazing smile?! 

Home production? ‘Apni Dukaan’ you mean?  

Really, what’s better than having a one stop destination for almost anything that you might be looking for? (No unrealistic expectations, please!) 

Well, what’s better is the brand’s profound urge to cater to its consumers through campaigns that hit home. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Amazon! 

Amazon has not failed at impressing consumers with its previous campaigns. That brings us to the continuation of Amazon’s impressive ‘Apni Dukaan’ campaign through regional jingles.

Besides working quite hard on making online shopping and customer support seamless, Amazon tries its best to connect to us at the root level and embrace our ethnicity as is. Isn’t that kinda cool? An international organisation, trying to make us feel at home by using native languages like Bhojpuri and Punjabi.   

Check it out here!

From sarees to teacakes; earrings to worship bells, Amazon has it all. And now it has flashy regional songs to flaunt it as well!  

Yes, Amazon has decided to shift genres with catchy regional songs in Bhojpuri and Punjabi languages, promoting ‘Apni Dukaan’ through a series of fun hook-steps. Moreover, they are urging us to groove to these jingles and replicate these hook-steps. (We can have our own regional realm in the viral culture now, woah!)  

You can find the songs and share them on several platforms like Josh, Instagram, Moj, Sharechat, Snapchat, Meta, Triller, Zee5 Hippi, Whatsapp Amplification. (An array of options, just like the shop!) 

The jingles are catchy and the steps are easy. And we know anyone can be a part of this effortless campaign.

So let’s just dance it out on these jingles till our orders get delivered.  
(Because, well, it’s better than tracking your orders every two minutes. They’re gonna be delivered in no time anyway.)

*Goddamnit! Can someone get me a reel making crash course, please!*