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Get this. We Indians usually don't mean any harm, unless someone calls cricket just a sport! It's an emotion for us. And that's pretty much also why the IPL season is an out-and-out festival here. 

The coveted T20 league battle of Gol Gappe vs Paani Puri, and Mysore Pak vs Rabri Ghevar is the ultimate clash of the titans drawing the largest crowd of cricket fans year after year. And along with it comes the eternal dilemma of picking out that one kickass team we'd want to be a part of (just cuz!). If you ever wondered this too, then we certainly hope you have your batting gloves ready because this quiz will reveal which IPL team you really belong to. 

1. Ok firstly, playing cricket is... 

2. How often do you get into a fight?

3. What kind of a player do you see yourself as?

4. How would your colleagues describe you?

5. Pick a life motto out of these

6. It's Saturday night. What are you doing?

7. What is your biggest strength?

8. What do you want to be remembered for? 

9. Which shot do you think would you pull off?

10. Would you change your IPL teams every season?