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Answer These Questions And Let Us Guess Your Phone’s Battery Percentage


Hey! 'ssup, buttercup?

Looking into your phone, aren't you?!

Come on, you cannot deny the fact that we're all addicted to our smartphones in some way or the other. 

Be it work; or games; or official kill-time activities; you name it and you'll be able to pull it up with one tap on your smartphone!
Speaking of smartphones, how much juice do you have left on there? 
Wait! Let us guess! 
Honestly, answer the following questions and let us do the honours! 

1. When do you generally charge your smartphone?

2. How many hours do you use your smartphone for? 

3. Where does your smartphone stand on the priority list? 

4. What do you do when your smartphone is running out of juice? 

5. What do you generally use your smartphone for? 

6. How would you describe your relationship with your smartphone? 

Talking about smartphones and juice, did you know about the new OnePlus 10R 5G with 150W SUPERVOOC that will allow you to get the smartphone's 4500 mAh battery charged from 1-70% in just 10 minutes? 

That's right, no matter what kind of a smartphone user you are, you have to be thrilled about the new OnePlus 10R with mediatek dimensity 8100-MAX Chipset, a bomb Display, 3D passive cooling system, hyperboost gaming engine, independent graphics chipset, upgraded signal communications technology, etc.
It's OnePlus, and so, we get a premium feel and amazing performance at a reasonable price. ( What else does this generation need anyway?!) 
So, as they say, #MorePowerToYou!
Now go ahead and check the new OnePlus 10R out.


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