The three essential elements without which life seems bleak can safely be assumed to be water, air, and smartphones.

And since phones have become a necessary part of life, imagine it locking up just because you didn’t pick up your parents’ call. A nightmare, right?

A frustrated dad actually turned our worst nightmare into a reality. 

Nick Herbert developed an app called ReplyASAP which makes sure the little ones ‘check-in’ with their parents, or else risk getting their phone locked.

ABC News

And in case your phone gets unlocked, you guessed it right. You’ll have to return the phone call.

The app, ever since it was released in 2017, has been downloaded over 50,000 times. That’s exactly the number of kids living in perpetual fear every single day.

The app currently is available only for Android users.

Here’s the link to the app so in case you spot your parents using this, you know that your days of staying out late despite a strict curfew, are done.

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