Healthcare is one topic that gets everyone talking. Your problem could be as tiny as a paper cut or as serious as chicken pox, the minute you ask somebody about it, they have a nuska for it. And don’t even get them started on how to go about basic health and hygiene. That list might never end!

Then why is it that we find people shying away when they have to talk about basic genital care, especially when there is a vagina involved? Everyone wants to talk about sex, but nobody wants to talk about how to maintain genital hygiene.


Who are we to blame anyone, now? Lack of sufficient sex education coupled with a taboo, does not make for a delightful combination. 

But worry not, ladies! Technology has come to your rescue, yet again. A new app, called Labella is here to keep a check on your vagina, just so that you can know whether everything is fine down there or not. It functions with a wearable underwear, which takes some super intimate pictures of your lady parts. Not only does it guide you through a 3D image of your vulva, the app also educates you with the anatomy and tells you of the different pelvic floor muscle exercises to further better your vaginal health.


But do we actually need this when a hand mirror held at a specific angle can show us the same thing?

Well, according to the creators of Labella, the app is made for those deprived of adequate sexual education, because as per a survey conducted in UK, 50% of 26 to 30 year old women are unable to locate a vagina on a diagram. 

Like, seriously?

And I am pretty sure the number wouldn’t be so different had the survey been conducted in India. 


One of its creators, Teresa Almeida, told Mic, “The goal is to develop the app further so it’s available to help explore external anatomy and pelvic fitness, as it is now, but also to expand to diverse areas of women’s health like periods, female genital mutilation, cervical screenings, contraception and more.”

Even though the app is not available on digital stores yet, it has created quite a stir in the tech world already!

H/T: Mic