While you have been clicking those pretty selfies in your amazing noodle-strap and off-shoulder dresses, Apple has been sneakily saving those photos in an exclusive folder called ‘Brassiere’. 

Oh yeah, it’s totally legit. 


A Twitter user pointed out this creepy fact via a tweet and since then, Twitterati has been going crazy. 

If you too want to find out this folder, all you got to do is go to your photos’ search bar, and type BRASSIERE and voila! 

All your photos where you’re wearing anything resembling a bra strap, or Apple thinks you do, are cataloged in the Brassiere folder. So even if you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, it will put it into this folder. 


This cataloging is part of the iOS 10 update that Apple released last year. However, a lot of users were unaware of it until the tweet happened. 

The update lets Apple use facial recognition and machine learning technology to work out the objects in your images. This helps in finding a specific photo quicker and easier. According to an article on Medium, the app can detect up to 4,432 different scenes and objects. 


But Apple assures that the folder is very local and private. However, the app does not recognize boxers or knickers. Basically, things that men wear. We wonder why, Apple? 

You got the creeps, yet?