Apple debuted iOS 11 on Monday, the next big software update for the iPhone and iPad, at its yearly developer’s conference, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017) in California on June 5. 


The tech giant introduced iOS 11, the operating system for iPhones and iPads, at Monday’s WWDC and highlighted all the new features coming with it – the coolest that will allow you to record your iPhone’s screen.

As someone whose best friend is off Facebook for a while, this feature would come in handy when I have to show him a video. And so, I got really excited about the feature. This is how it will work.

But Twitter is freaking out. This feature could actually be misused, a lot. People could capture your Snapchats and FaceTime calls without your knowledge. Screen recording will make it easier than ever for people to capture everything you do on social media.

People spoke about the relationships that could end.

People spoke about how they downright hate it.

People dissed Apple. Again.

Then people started talking about some really pertinent issues.

Really pertinent.

People challenged Snapchat.

Some couldn’t even understand the reason for this feature’s existence. 

She pointed out a really good use for this feature.

A few pointed out the truth to you.

And some people spilled a lot of beans in excitement.

What she said!

But then, there are still people who are optimistic about it and that gives me hope.

And then I saw this.

Now I am not sure how to feel about it. Could it do more harm than good?