Apple: The apple of our eye, right? No?

So like it always does, Apple stole everybody’s thunder on Wednesday, after it launched a slew of awesome products. Clearly, there was a lot of chatter on social media. But there was something bizarre going on too. We came across this tweet on our Twitter feed, but it no longer existed when we went to Apple’s main Twitter page. 

Weird, right?

Apple tweeted this after it launched its latest iPhone X along with other products.

But when you go on their timeline, it shows you this: 

So, what is this sorcery?

Even people on Twitter are puzzled by this. 

The question, however, is that why can we see any of these tweets on the timeline? And the answer to this is that Apple is paying to tweet without tweeting, as the company has still not issued a public tweet. Trust Apple to be different than everyone else. 

According to Tech Crunch, the only way Apple can have a tweet floating out in the ether on Twitter without somehow attaching it to its main timeline is a specifically scoped ad buy. They can buy a tweet that exists as an island, basically.

Using paid Twitter means it keeps the tweets from appearing on their timeline. So their Twitter account basically looks like this:

Also, Apple’s Twitter Account lit up with a new background photo, and verified status. 

So the tweet basically exists as an Island. Go figure.