There have been instances in the past when Apple Watch saved someone’s life. In a similar incident, an Apple Watch has been credited for saving a biker’s life after detecting a fall. 

In a recent Facebook post, Gabe Burdett, a resident of Washington tells about how his father’s Apple Watch not only detected his fall during a biking trip but also alerted emergency services about the accident.


Gabe details how he and his dad, Bob, were about to meet for some mountain biking. But moments before reaching him, he received a text message from his dad’s Apple Watch telling him about the hard fall that it detected. Not just that, the device also shared the location of his father.


By the time Gabe reached the location, an ambulance took his father to Sacred Heart Medical Center. In his post, Gabe mentions,

Dad flipped his bike at the bottom of Doomsday, hit his head and was knocked out until sometime during the ambulance ride. The watch had called 911 with his location and EMS had him scooped up and to the hospital in under a 1/2 hr.

The post has gone viral collecting over 5.3 lakh Facebook reactions and more than 4.6 lakh shares and still counting.