Apps have become a lifeline for anyone who owns a smartphone. Whether it’s an app that reminds you to drink enough water in a day or one that counts the number of steps you take in a day or even one that manages your online expenses, we now have an application for everything. But there are certain apps that help you in ways that can actually help you save a lot of time and money. 

So we have compiled a list of apps that can help you save time, money, space and even reduce some of that stress from your life. 

Apps to save money:

1. Hopper

Isn’t it irritating that you are about to book a flight and suddenly the fares change? Or you want to book a flight but you just can’t get a reasonable price? Hop in Hopper! It is an airfare prediction app that scours the internet for the cheapest airfare and also tells you how much time you have before fares change.

2. AirHelp

This one helps you deal with cancellations and compensations with ease. Enter your flight details and they will ensure that the airlines pay you your money. They have a service fee but it is only charged after you are compensated.

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Apps to help avoid stress:

3. TripIt

Do you get lost in all your emails of flight bookings and hotel bookings? Well, TripIt will help you out. It scans your emails for all your hotel, flights, car rentals and charts them out in a neat itinerary. It also tells you about any changes in your flights and options for change and whether you’re eligible for refunds.

4. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

Do you travel often on business purposes? Is it hard to track all your expenses and file them for reimbursements? Well, install this app right away then. It scans your bills and gets a searchable, well-indexed expense sheet. No more keeping a paper trail of all those cab bills!

Apps to help you travel light:

5. Stylebook Closet App

This app will help you organize your vacation closet and plan how to pack and how to get the most of your suitcase. It has various options where you can pick and decide what to pack for evening wear, for casual day tours and more. 


Are you a big time traveler? Hopping from one place to another? Well, DUFL is for you then. DUFL will take your clothes, keep them laundered and ironed, in a warehouse and create a virtual closet for you. So whenever you are travelling next all you need to do is pick the outfits you want & they will deliver it to your hotel.

Apps to book the perfect hostel:

7. Hostelbookers

This app will help you find the best hotel room at the cheapest rate, all over the world. They tell you the location of your hostel, and how far are all the necessary things from the hostel, like metro stations, bus stands, ATMs, markets etc. 

8. Hostelworld

Hostel world is another app that gives you a list of all the hostels in your area and where can you get a booking straight away. It also shows you any offers by the hostel itself and also the list of services the hostel provides. 


Apps to save time on the road:

9. City Maps 2Go

This is perfect for those who are in a new town for only a day or two and don’t have time to explore the city. Also it doesn’t require any internet or WiFi. Just download the map of your destination before you leave and you’ll have it available to use anywhere, anytime.

10. Waze

This app has user-generated real-time traffic updates that can help you save a lot of time while getting across the town for that urgent meeting. For example, if there has been an accident on a road you planned to take, it will alert you and suggest an alternate route.


So what are you waiting for? Be armed with these apps right away!

Design Credits: Disha Bhanot