Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have boosted our smartphone usage and we are getting addicted. The current situation is so bad that service providers are the ones who are asking people to reduce their usage.

If you are someone who loses the track of time once you pick up your phone, try some digital wellbeing apps. Now you can finally monitor your smartphone usage, which will help you to control it.

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These are the 12 applications that can help you get a digital detox.

1. Paper Phone

If you want to get rid of your smartphone, you should try the most popular app of our list, the Paper Phone app. 

This is indeed a paper phone that lets you print out all the necessary details from your phone including your contacts and important notes that you require in your day to day life.


After printing all the details, you can fold the paper and use it as a paper phone. Of course, you will need a feature phone to make calls.

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2. We Flip

We Flip is an interesting experimental app for a group of friends. Once all the members are ready, pull down your phones together. After the flip session is over the app will show how each of the members fared and who took a peek into their phone.

This could be a fun activity and will also encourage you to decrease your phone usage.


3. Post Box

Post Box is an app that schedules all your notifications so that the distractions are minimized while you are working. You can schedule the notifications for the time when you get free from work and wish to receive notifications. 

Post Box also categorises your unread notifications so that you can get a clean and organised look.


4. Unlock Clock

If you think you unlock your phone very often, even when you don’t need to, you should try this app called Unlock Clock. 

This app counts exactly how many times you unlocked your smartphone in a day. The best thing about it is that you can find the number right on your lock screen.


5. Desert Island

We all have that one favourite app that we use all day but later realise that we have wasted a lot of time on it. If you are one of them, you need Desert Island. 

This app lets you choose the essential apps and will show you how many times you used the app compared to others. The app wants users to focus on their work by going a whole day with only their essential apps.

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6. Morph

If you want to distribute your work and personal apps but don’t want to spend on a new smartphone, this is the best way to do it. This app helps you divide your day by arranging apps according to their use. 

So, work apps go under the work folder and personal apps go under personal folder. After doing so, your phone will automatically adapt and give you the apps based on time and place.


7. Moment

If you want to track your everyday smartphone usage, Moment is the app for you. The process starts by making the user aware of just how much time they are spending on their smartphone and mobile apps that are taking up most of the attention.

Moment helps you find out the most used apps so that you can reduce its usage accordingly.


8. Forest

Have you ever noticed that once you pick up your phone, you can’t put it down for long periods of time? This app provides an interesting solution to your problem.

The app makes you plant a seed in a virtual forest and tells you that the seed will gradually grow into a tree. If you can’t resist the temptation and leave the app to check social media, your tree will wither away.


9. ClearLock

ClearLock is a productivity app that allows the user to block all distracting apps on their device and focus on what matters the most. Just select which apps you wish to block and for how long and you’re good to go.

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10. Action Dash

This app was launched with an aim to bring features of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app to all Android smartphones. 

It lets user keep track of his phone usage by letting him know about the total usage time, number of notifications, total number of app launches and the number of times he has unlocked the device in a day.

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11. Your Hour

This is also one of the best alternatives to the Digital Wellbeing on Android. 

It has features like daily usage statistics that help you to keep an eye on your improvements and categorise personal and productive apps so you don’t get distracted. You can also set a time limit for every individual app.

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12. AntiSocial

If you are curious about how others use their smartphone, you should try this app. It tells you about other smartphone users globally that how they are using their devices and lets you compare your data with theirs.

This will also help you understand what are the areas you need to cover to be a limited user.


We are so consumed in our smartphones that we miss a lot of precious moments in our lives. It’s high time that we get a digital detox.