With increasing Internet penetration and more and more people using messaging apps like WhatsApp, as an essential part of their day to day work, it’s really hard to communicate in the case of Internet shutdown.

Not just that, a recent report suggests that Internet shutdowns have cost around ₹21,000 crores to our nation.


We recently witnessed a similar situation over the past couple of days when we faced frequent Internet shutdowns in several parts of the country to curb the spread of information during the mass protests against CAA and NRC.


This has prompted people to switch to platforms that do not need an Internet connection in order to work. If you are living in an area where the Internet is down, here are some apps that you can try using.


1. FireChat

Apart from its regular chats that use the Internet, FireChat also lets users communicate with nearby devices without the Internet. The app uses your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network to communicate with other devices.


Using the app, one can easily make private phone calls and send secure text messages even when cellular networks are unavailable.


2. Bridgefy

This is another useful app that can help you in certain situations when you don’t have cellular networks. The app gives you three ways to chat, a user can chat one-on-one, use your phone’s Wi-Fi to chat with multiple people and a broadcast mode.

The Sentinel

3. Signal Offline

A Wi-Fi direct based app that you can use to communicate with others, with Signal Offline users can choose to either chat one-to-one or chat in a group. However, do keep in mind that the app is not developed by Signal Foundation which made the original Signal app.


4. Briar

To keep the conversation going, this app uses your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. As per the developer, when the Internet is up, the app can sync via the Tor network to protect user’s privacy.


5. Vojer

Vojer lets you make high-quality voice calls even when there’s no cellular network in your area. Developers of this app say that their app does not need phone book permissions and can still work if it can access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microphone and camera.


Download any one of these apps so that you don’t face problems in communication to people nearby, next time when the Internet is shut down in your area.