It’s 4 AM, your head is spinning, you’re barely able to form a sentence, and most of all – you’re lonely. The tequila’s done your head in and all you want is a cuddle  – we’ve all been there (or at least, some of us have). Unfortunately, this fugue state most likely results in deep regret the morning-after courtesy all the drunk texts you unknowingly ended up sending. In order to prevent this from happening, here’s a few life-saving apps. 

1. DrunkMode

This app locks access to contacts to have to pre-select, for a certain amount of time that has to be decided by you. If you want to unlock access, you have to solve a math equation. It also saves the locations you visited over the course of the night, as well as helps you track your friends. All in all, this app can prevent debauchery from turning into misery. 


2. Drunk Locker

There’s few feelings worse than waking up and finding out you’ve posted some absolute nuclear waste on social media after getting blackout drunk. This app however, lets you block everything from Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram for the length of the night.

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3. Am I Drunk

This app tells you just how drunk you are. You fill in personal information such as height, weight and gender, and then enter what drink you’ve had, along with the amount and its alcohol content. The app then approximates your blood alcohol content, so you can keep a watch on your drunkenness.

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4. Drunk Text Saviour

This app helps you analyze whether your message is suitable to be sent or not. It recognises spelling errors and formatting mistakes, and if there are one too many, it flashes a warning that you may be drunk. However, it’s up to you to send or delete the message.


5. Stupid Stopper Drunk Block

This app lets you surf the web while stopping you from making potentially embarrassing impulsive drunk texts, comments, and phone calls. It’s a simple but effective programme.

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6. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This is yet another alcohol consumption tracker and blood alcohol content calculator. Essentially, it can help you control your drinking, and you can also track the cost of your drinks soyou don’t go overboard on the spending.


7. I’m Getting Arrested

This app was originally meant for protesters who knew there was a chance they’d be getting detained, but it also works if you are prone to drunken nights. You can set up a personal message and invite your close contacts, who will get the message at the press of a button, in case you are getting arrested and don’t have time to compose an entire explanation.


Hopefully, these help you keep your head straight and your texts risk-free!