Everyone’s life has come to a standstill after the pandemic hit the entire world like a hurricane. However, this pandemic has affected students’ life the most. 

From shifting to online classes to completely missing out on those golden school and college days, these students are missing having a normal life the most. 

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So, taking a cue from the students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California, Berkeley, students of Ashoka University have built their entire campus on the popular video game Minecraft. 


This block by block building of the campus was done by 12 students from the university. This team includes international students as well and are from all batches across 1st to 4th year. 

According to Business Insider, these students started building the campus from mid-May and spent about six-eight hours every day on it. A student who was a part of the team added,  

Around 700 people can join the server at any given point in time, and chat with each other. It’s built on a similar basis how gamers talk to each other on the discord server. The server will be open to Ashoka students and alumni only. 

The students used Google Maps to check the dimensions of their college campus in real life and then got to work. They first built the campus block by block and then built the experiences from their memories of the campus. To coordinate with everyone working on the project and divide the work, they used Discord. 

Virtual Image
Arm Chair Journal (real image)

These students have gotten in touch with the students at Berkeley to understand more and figure out a way forward.  They are planning to hold classes on this platform and also hold live music fests online. This server will available for all the students and alumni of Ashoka University from July 31. 

You can check out the entire virtual campus here : 


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