While growing up, ‘shit’ was the real shit. Every expression, be it extreme happiness, disgust, surprise, or anything, you could give your reaction using ‘shit’. But, the times have changed. Now this has been replaced by, ‘fuck’.  Yes, it’s also the sophisticated version of the favourite word of Delhiites, ‘bhencho’.


Now, that I’ve explained the importance of the word, you can totally sense the number of times we use the same while sexting texting. And, everytime we use it, our phone’s autocorrect acts all Alok Nath and fails to even recognise the word.


Well, worry no more. This Twitter user, Steven Thrasher finally gave us a hack that will make your iPhone much cooler. Take a look at the tweet.

Hey, android users don’t be disheartened, it works for you too.

b’Source: Twitter’

But, seriously, even I was wondering why I already don’t have some contacts saved like that.

b’Source: Twitter’

In conclusion, I would like to convey my regards through this tweet.

b’Source: Twitter’