If you’re thinking of tying the knot anytime soon, you most definitely might be going through the wedding bell blues. With all the shopping lists, deciding menus and the venue, wedding preparation can make your head spin. Add to this, the hassle of preparing the guest list and inviting them all! 

Too much to handle, right?

But before you plan on hiring an event manager for making the arrangements, hold on. Because, there’s an app called WedTalk which promises a one-touch solution to make your wedding a hassle-free affair. Here’s more on it:

Send invitations in one go

WedTalk is you free DIY wedding invite and photo app! You can now stop worrying about drafting an email/message for sending out invites. WedTalk has a pre- drafted invite that you can send through email, message or WhatsApp. 

All you have to do is create your wedding event by entering names of the bride and the groom, and save your wedding date. After this, you’ll be connected to your WhatsApp, Facebook and other accounts. Simply click on the names to send out the invites to everyone in just one go!  

Keep everyone in the loop together

So, the sangeet function is starting an hour late or you want to inform your guests about the pick and drop option? WedTalk is your go-to app for sending out real time alerts and notifications for the important wedding-related info! You can update your event schedules, maps, dress codes and more with ONE touch!

Just write it on your WedTalk wall and post it. It saves you from the hassle of calling everyone up separately or sending messages on multiple platforms. 

Connect with the other side of the family 

You can stay in touch with family and friends of the other side and get to know them better. Also, there’s an option to check out the guest profiles if you want!

Share all wedding photos in one place

Once the wedding is over, wait for the photos to start pouring in! This app serves as a common platform for everyone to share photos they clicked at the wedding. 

Everyone who is listed on the app can share the snaps with others, all at once. You can also create event-specific albums and segregate all the photographs conveniently. 

Additionally, there’s an Hotline feature that lets you add contact details of the key wedding personnel. You can also make admins and define your family relationship with them!

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For iPhone: http://bit.ly/WedTalkAppStore

Feature image courtesy: Arjun Menon