In association with DC Designs

DC needs no introduction!

Dillip Chhabria is a name we associate with kick-ass car designs. You know for a fact that if you have accessorized with DC, you are bound to command eyelids and make people jealous as you whizz past them on the road. 

They create some insane designs and can make any car enthusiast’s dream come true. DC has consistently come out with unbelievable designs for cars

And now that they’ve established themselves as the ‘go-to’ people for car designs, they’ve now decided to put on their helmets and ride into the two-wheeler market. 

And for starters, the segment they now call DC2 is out with this beast you will come to know as the Carbon Shot.

The Carbon Shot uses the Royal Enfield Bullet as its base. 

All the LED headlamps and front indicators will feature billet casing. The fuel tank has a stylish carbon cover made of mixed billet, chrome and, of course, carbon. The sole rider seat is cushioned with classy leather. The air filter and battery cover is a mix of billet aluminium and carbon.

Oh and by the way, only 5000 of these beauties are going to be produced. Did someone say collector’s edition?

Excluding the price of the Bullet, the modifications will cost around ₹76,000. The booking amount is ₹25,000 and the booking will commence on 25th January. The bikes arrive in June but knowing DC it will well be worth the wait!

For more information, check out the DC website or call Mumbai: +91 226739111, Gurgaon: +91- 9582133333