What were you doing in Class 12?

Delhi school boy Anirudh Goyal came up with the idea for a mobile app called Attendx to help kids calculate their school attendance, while juggling 12th grade class work.

b’Source: Indian Express’

Like most inventions, the idea for the app came from the inventor’s own problem. An inability to attend school because of sickness, meant the school authorities asked many questions before his 10th boards. Anirudh graduated 10th standard with a 9.4 CGPA.

Indian Express

However, that experience prompted him to think about an app, which would give students the autonomy to calculate their own attendance. 

The app asks you to input your current attendance and how much minimum attendance you need to achieve. Using this information, it will let you know how many days you need to attend classes, how many days you can take off and will give you a warning if your attendance is dropping so you can compensate for the same on time.

– Anirudh told Indian Express.


The coding skills required to build an app from scratch are quite elaborate, something Anirudh attributes to the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) he took along with learning C++ in school. He wishes to pursue Computer Science in the long run, for which he would like to attend a university abroad.  

Looks like necessity really is the mother of invention.