You can now successfully add another school dropout/genius/millionaire to your list of reference points in arguments pertaining to flunking school. Ben Pasternak, at the age of 16, has now included himself into the world of school drop-out millionaire technology pioneers with his latest iPhone app.

Here’s how this teenager became a millionaire.

Bored during a science class he attended at school, Ben Pasternak designed his first app – a game called Impossible Rush.

Impossible Rush received over 1.3 million downloads according to Yahoo Finance and soon climbed up to the number one spot on Apple’s App store. This was back when Ben – a native of Sydney, Australia – was still just 15-years-old. Soon enough, investors from Silicon Valley pooled in their interest in investing into Ben’s ideas.

A year later, at 16, Ben developed another app called Flogg.

Now, the young teenage tech mogul is a millionaire with a studio apartment in Manhattan. Flogg is an app that includes features similar to Tinder and eBay, to allow teenagers to connect and buy or sell items on the app. Simple enough with the use of swipes, the app released on April 14, 2016.

Ben now runs his own company with a part-time 7 member team.

Most of the team happens to be teenagers and folks in their early 20s. The company’s COO is perhaps the oldest member at 30. Although, the young entrepreneur runs a $2 million company, he still quips about how living in his own apartment is harder than he’d imagined. “There’s so much stuff I’ve got to take care of, like dishes and washing clothes,” he told the New York Post. “I always fall behind on my bills. When I lived with my parents, I took so much stuff for granted.”

This story was first published in The Daily Mail.

Chill out if you dropped out. You can always make an app.

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