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Consulting your GP for seasonal cold is normal, but opening up your feelings about sensitive health issues such as depression, imbalanced menstrual cycle, and even hushed but crucial health problem such as premature ejaculation can be challenging. Let’s be real, the stigma against these health problems continue to be a reality – which includes the prejudiced attitude by the society, and the internal inhibitions one has.   

When was the last time you openly talked about your health problem to a doctor?    

Baat Toh Karo by DocsApp is a refreshing take on this stigma that urges us to ‘talk’ about such health issues, all the while providing us with the best platform to consult a doctor without any hesitation.  

If openly talking about such health problems has always been an issue, then DocsApp is one digital space where you can speak with a doctor without being hesitant. Now you can consult a specialist doctor at the ease of your home in less than 30 minutes! And guess what? Without giving a care in the world, you can privately and confidentially talk about these issues with experts.      

It’s important to open up to your doctor. But it’s even more important to trust him when you’re discussing mental health, periods, sexual health or even something as simple as low self-confidence.    

With simple care, you can make sure that mild stomach aches or bruises don’t trouble you, but there can be a range of problems related to anxiety and depression that could only be cured by consulting a doctor. 

If you feel uncomfortable talking about a sensitive issue with your regular doctor, find one on DocsApp. They are trained to deal with such issues, are aware of the cultural backgrounds of patients, and even provide the people in their care with the facility of collecting medical samples from their homes. So, stop hesitating and doctor se Baat Toh Karo!