In this era of technological advancement privacy of individuals is constantly at risk. Ever wondered how to ensure the safety and security of all the personal information stored on your smartphone?

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who had exposed America’s most advanced surveillance program – PRISM, has now come up with something brilliant for common smartphone users.

The digital rights activist, along with The Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press, has launched Haven, an Android app that can turn your smartphone into a spy tool. This app is designed to protect your personal space without compromising with the privacy of individuals.


Haven is an open source application which works by recording audio, video, detecting motion and even changes in light. It will then notify the user of all the movements via SMS, emails, Signal, or to a Tor-based website.

You can easily turn your smartphone into a watchdog just by downloading this app for free. 


This app can be put to various other uses like home or office security systems or for monitoring the movement of wild animals.

How about catching Santa with this app?

The users can access the code on GitHub and make modifications according to their requirements. The app is still in its beta stage and can be downloaded only on the Google Play Store.

You can watch the video launching the Haven app here:

Indeed, the digital rights activist has given something revolutionary to the world