With this article, I am helping all the souls impacted by the ingress of social media into daily life. I’ve been entrusted with the task of saving the virtual world, from getting the better of y’all!


Yes, Facebook has decided to meddle with personal space & privacy and it’s my job as Superman to succour humanity.


Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, read on!

Now, a simple search on the Facebook ‘search bar’ can let anyone know whose pictures and posts, you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. Just type “photos/posts liked by (insert name)” and that dude/damsel’s history of Facebook likes opens up.

The LAD Bible
The LAD Bible

This way, people can see every picture that you’ve liked on Facebook, since the beginning of your Facebook journey!

Now, that opens up more chances of people stalking you and you stalking people!

The Register

The chances of a Spy v/s Spy game are higher too! (People in relationships, beware)


There’s no fix to it, but to painstakingly go to all the pictures that you’ve liked (yet don’t want others to know) and discretely press the “unlike” button.


Thank me, may be?