With electric vehicles becoming more efficient everyday, their availability in the market is also increasing with the same phase. Today, a company called Revolt Intellicorp launched two new AI-enabled electric bikes, the RV 400 and the RV 300 in India.


The flagship RV 400 is launched to compete against the currently available 125cc bikes while the RV 300 is for the budget-oriented market.

Car And Bike

The RV 300 can go up to a top speed of 65 kmph with a range of 80-150 km while the RV 400 can reach to a top speed of 85 kmph with a range of 156 km on a single charge.

Car And Bike

The flagship RV 400 comes with some extra perks like an embedded 4G LTE SIM that keeps the bike connected to the Internet. Apart from this, a dedicated mobile app from the company offers satellite navigation, real-time motorcycle diagnostics, geofencing for security, doorstep battery service and access to a battery charging network. 

Car And Bike

The Revolt RV 400 will be available in seven metro cities, including Pune, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Chennai in the next few months.


Both bikes are available with a payment plan of ₹2,999/month (for 37 months) for RV 300 and ₹3,999/month (for 37 months) for RV 400. This equals to a total price of ₹1.11 lakh for RV 300 and ₹ 1.48 lakh for RV 400.