We’re about to tell you something that will definitely blow your mind. If not that, then at least it’ll definitely give you a few kicks. Because when I found this, I was happily intrigued, and I spent an extended break, being happily self-obsessed. Yeah, well. Don’t judge me!

So, apparently there’s a hidden messages folder in your Messenger app! No, not the one you already know about, but a completely different another one. Yup, it’s the truth. 

These messages are sent by people who are not friends with you on Facebook, and are automatically hidden by the App. Now, I’ve got a bone to pick with you Facebook, I missed out on so many prospective dates. Ugh!

Intrigued? Then go ahead and unlock your hidden folder. You might just be surprised. 

Log in to your Messenger App, and click on the icon pointed with the red arrow.

Click on Message Requests.

Then click on See Filtered Requests.

Voila! Welcome to the secret world of forgotten loves, some appreciation, and a whole lot of unrequited creeps.

Mind = Blown!


Have fun being self obsessed!