Not that we needed another reason to spend time on Facebook but just in case you did, here’s one! Did you know there’s a secret chess game on Facebook Messenger that you can play against any of your Facebook friends? Speculated to be a little over a month old, a few Redditors discovered a sneaky little Easter Egg on Facebook messenger. The social media site never announced or advertised the inclusion of this nifty little gaming option which makes it even more intriguing. 

Here’s how you can play Chess on Facebook messenger.

Type in “@fbchess play” into the messenger chat box to start a game with your friend.

The command pops up a little chess board onto the chat box which you can begin playing with your friend. A small drawback being that you cannot drag and drop the pieces on the board, but have to type in the moves with the respective command. The pieces are noted with simple Standard Algebraic Notation, i.e. K for king, N for knights, P for pawns and so on. To move, you simply type in the move you would like to make. For example, “@fbchess Pb4” would move a pawn to B4.

For a full command list, you can type in “@fbchess help”.

The command will allow you to look at all of the different commands you would need to make your moves on the game. For example, the game allows you to offer a draw with “@fbchess draw offer,” and undo moves with “@fbchess undo.”

With this little hack completely hidden away from the general public, how many other little treats do you think Facebook has stored out of general sight on their website? Let us know if you find one!

Go on, play and tell us what your score is!

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