Artificial Intelligence is one of the most debated sections amongst the scientific community. While some would prefer an actual Jarvis, some are of the opinion that the possibility of a Skynet is way too real.

Indian Express

Well, China is of the former kind. Which is why they have come up with an AI news anchor that resembles a human male with the voice and facial expressions of a real person.


It reads the news in a synthesised voice, according to The Indian Express, and is designed to sound professional.

This milestone has been achieved by China’s Xinhua news agency in collaboration with the national search engine company Sogou. 


The world’s first AI news anchors have been created by China’s Xinhua news agency in collaboration with Chinese search engine company Sogou.

The anchors can read the news in English and Mandarin and were unveiled at the fifth World Internet Conference in Zhejiang province.

The anchor is supposed to reduce the cost of a daily news report as it can work 24 hours a day. According to reports, the AI anchor can also generate the ability to present breaking news if and when the time arrives. 

The project is, of course, a breakthrough in the field of Artificial Intelligence and if signs are to be believed, the rest of the world will soon follow through with AI of their own. Let’s just hope, none of it is Skynet or Ultron.