When flat-screen TVs came on the scene, people were scrambling to get their hands on them. Since the advent of these slim bad boys however, there hasn’t really been any major television set breakthrough however, at least, not until recently.

At the CEATEC electronics expo earlier this year in Japan, Panasonic unveiled its new prototype ‘invisible’ TV. When switched on, it’s like a regular old boob tube, but switch it off, and it’s as transparent as glass. Radical!


According to Engadget, the screen is made from a fine mesh embedded in a glass panel. However, Panasonic has not really revealed too many details about the technology behind this magical machine. Sadly enough, the TV is going to be in development for 3 more years at the least. But I think a TV with a display that disappears when you switch it off is worth quite a wait. I mean, you get one of those in your house and bam! You could probably get on MTV Cribs.

Watch a video demonstration from Panasonic below!

Pretty frikkin’ cool!